10 Reasons for Choosing Magento Ecommerce to Build your Online Store

Undoubtedly, the trend of online shopping is here to stay and keeps growing rapidly with time. But creating an online store or managing it is not an easy task. Every business owner faces some problems while building a completely new e-commerce website or managing an existing one. Some common issues are data security, traffic generation, customer retention etc. The chances of you doing everything successfully depend on your choice of CMS. The CMS you choose to represent your brand in the digital world is vital in the process of running it smoothly. Pick the wrong one and you could have a continuously falling sales graph.

Among all the available options, Magento Framework has emerged to be the best one. It powers 2,40,000+ online stores and many leading e-commerce sites have preferred Magento over any other platform. The real strength of the CMS lies in its scalability and enterprise level features. No matter what size your business is or how many products are there in the catalog, all your tasks will be handled smoothly. 

Here, we have listed out 10 reasons that are convincing enough for you to understand that Why Magento is an ideal platform for your online store. 

Open Source: Magento is an open source platform which means it has no license cost involved. You are also provided with a lot of flexibility so that the code can be customized or extended in a way that it can fit all your business requirements.

Better Functionality: The platform offers a lot of built-in ecommerce features like: option to put special promotional prices, multiple language support, virtual products, layered navigation, etc.

Scalability: No matter what size your business is, Magento will be suitable for your requirements. If you are running a small business then you can opt for the basic option which is Magento Community and if it is a relatively bigger setup then you can go for Magento Enterprise. You also have an option for choosing Magento community first and then upgrade to Magento Enterprise as your business grows. This makes the CMS scalable.

Multiple Stores in One Site: With this platform, you can add multiple stores within one site setup and also manage them using one single admin dashboard. Although you have the option of configuring every store with its own product catalogue. This will save a lot of time, money and effort in the long run.

Security: When we talk about an online business then security becomes the top priority. In Magneto development is completely encrypted and structure based. The data provided within the structure is highly secured. 

Better Performance: This CMS ensures an overall high-performance no matter what aspect it is about. Be it the page load time, query processing time or some other dynamic and static operation. It also has some in-built features like SEO friendly URL structure, sitemaps, etc.  It encrypts high-end cache systems and other database optimizations in order to boost the website’s performance.

Advanced Catalog Management: Magento offers advanced product upload features that means you will have the option to add thousands of items to a single import. The catalog management features include multiple categories, dynamic product attributes, comparisons, wish lists etc.

SEO Friendly: You are being provided with the most compelling SEO features like various URL options, sitemaps, keywords and meta tags, descriptions and title etc. These features will support all the requirements related to SEO. This way, you will be able to inculcate search engines what products or services are incorporated into your online store.

Third party software integration: Feel the need to integrate with third party programs or software that are vital to your business? With Magento, this can be done very easily. There are many extensions and solutions available for this purpose.

Mobile and Desktop Friendly: Magento offers thousands of modern and responsive themes. If you want a custom solution then you have the option to develop your own theme which is responsive and seamlessly implement it on your website.

Wrapping Up!

This brings us to the end of the blog. Here, we have explained the fact that Why Magneto is the best ecommerce solution to build your online store. This CMS gets a lot of attention when it comes to advanced ecommerce platforms because of its features and flexibility. Finding a good Magento Web Development Company or Magento Web Development Agency can bring limitless possibilities for your business. 

If you are also in the process of establishing your ecommerce website then you have come to the right place. Here, at Hanging Panda we have a dedicated team of expert Magento Professionals who know the platform inside. No matter what help you need, if it is related to Magento Framework or Magento Website Development then we are just a call away.

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