Why your business needs a website?

So, if you are reading this blog, I guess, you already own a business and confused whether to get a website for your business website. I hope, you will be able to have a clear idea and can make better decisions. So, let’s start.

Regardless of what your business or calling, a website can create business, advance generosity among clients and prospects, and convey solid promoting messages – whether your business is small, large or in-between, well-established or brand-new.

As, we are now in the era of connected world having internet revolution. Most of the users come to know about your business through online mediums such as social media, web searches etc. So, in order to make your online presence, you need to have a website with proper search engine and social media optimization (generally coined as SEO and SMO).

You or your business executive might not be available all the time to respond to calls or emails for the enquiries about your business. Well, your website can do it for you 24*7*365. Even, your website can have a contact form which can autorespond to the queries asked via it.

But generally, there is a misconception about business websites. It’s supposed that a business websites must have products for purchase, should have payment methods like credit cards, must have order process management. It’s not true at all, this type of websites is known as E-commerce portals. A business website doesn’t necessarilly need to have all these, it can just have general information about your website, services, products etc. In some cases, it can have some forms to enquire.

I hope, you have got a general overview of a business website, if you have any more query, you can contact a technical consultant here

Steps to Have your own Business Website

Mainly, there are 4 simple steps in order to have a website for your business:

1. Choosing a Domain Name

Ideally, domain is an identity of your website. It is generally composed by two parts:

  1. Main domain name (like yourbusinessname)
  2. Domain Extension (which generally gives an overview of the type of your business, like .com for commercial websites, .org for organizations and NGOs etc.)

Cumulatively, it is something like: yourbusinessname.com

There are chances that you might not find the exact domain name available for your website, then you can change it a bit and can search again

Here is the link of one of the most famous domain registrar: GoDaddy
You can search and buy a domain from here.

2. Getting A Web Hosting Server

Search for a Web hosting service provider that is well-established and has a respectable history. Look at the annual or monthly plan, features, compare and decide which one to get.

Additionaly, you can enquire about flexibility to expand the storage, bandwidth etc, in case you are planning to expand your website load.

To know more about the server requirements and suggestion about the service providers, you can consultant one of our software consultants here

3. Getting The Website Designed and Developed

If you are a we developer, you can design and develop your website by yourself, but if you are not, you can hire an well reputed website development company to do the job. You can tell them your design and feature requirements and they will develop one for you.

HangingPanda Infosoft is one of the top rated website development agencies having a well versed history in website development, app development and digital marketing. You can hire us to design and develop a website for you. We have very skilled developers who can create website and mobile application pertinent to your requirements.

4. Showing Off Your Website to The World

So, now your website is ready. You can access the it by opening the URL (yourbusinessname.com), but every user might seeking to get the service might not know your URL exactly. So, in ordre to make it visible to the world, you need to have a professional who can perform digital marketing and make your website search engine (google, bing, yahoo etc.) and social media optimized. Now, one can search your business name or the service and your website along with the information will be shown to him/her. They can contact you directly from there.

Digital marketing is one of the most crucial part of the above as your business website is aimed to reach more n more audience and hence you need to hire a professional digital marketing agency like HangingPanda Infosoft to expand your audience count. We can help you reach more and more cusotmers/consumers and track the activities performed on the website.

To know more, feel free to connect with us.

See you in next blog 😃.

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